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Need a boost, check out these 8 easy tips to increase your energy! 1. Outside– Going outside has been proven that nature and the sun can boost your energy so take a quick walk! 2. SUN! rather you hang out the window or go outside and lay in it, it will help! 3. H2O- Water […]

Exercising in the morning is the BEST! But if your not a early morning riser, especially with the time change let me help you out with these 8 tips to becoming a morning workout person like ME!  1. So important…Preparing the night before! 2. Go to bed EARLY to be ready for the AM 3. […]

In a couple of hours it will be MONDAY! if you like me thats the start over day for you diet! Check out these 10 Best Slimming Foods to jump start your day! 1. Apples 2. Eggs 3. Cauliflower  4. Lowfat Yogurt 5. Oatmeal 6. Peanuts 7. Soup 8. Fish 9. Bulgur  10. Salad WHY??? HOW??? MORE […]

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Stress, Worry, it can kill you! You know that medication and talk therapy are conventional treatments for depression. But did you know that little parts of your daily routine can also serve as mood boosters? Check out these 5 Surprising Ways to fight Depression… 1. Try Meditation 2. Practice Reiki 3. Consider Constructive Wallowing 4. Put Your […]

Ever think about taking diet pills to help you lose weight? Unlike most over-the-counter diet pills, prescription weight-loss medications have scientific research showing their safety and effectiveness. A smart first step would be to talk to your doctor about prescription medications for weight loss. Prescription Diet Pills: The Options There are different diet pills your […]

Working out daily but see no change?!?! In order to continually boost your level of fitness, Jillian says you need to throw your body and brainexercise curve balls. First, it’s very easy to get bored with the same old routine. To keep things fun and fresh for your mind and body, you need to present them both with […]

Sometimes we are on the move so much we forget about our health! Its time to take our health more seriously ladies including myself! Check out these 9 Health Symptoms we ALL have that we should NOT ignore! 1. Acute Fatigue  2. Rectal Bleeding 3. Abdominal Bloating and Pain, Change in Bowel Habits 4. Pain […]

How strong is your faith? When the sky is grey and the storm cloud last longer than expected do you stop rejoicing? Do you get side tracked, do you get confused and sad due to the circumstances. No matter what the situation is you should always praise God. Faith believes even when things look impossible. […]

Trying to shed pounds? A few changes to your routine can help boost your metabolism and optimize your daily caloric burn, moving you that much closer to weight loss success! 1. Move More! 2. Pump Iron 3. Squeeze in Mini Workouts 4. Practice Portion Control 5. Eat Breakfast 6. Drink more H2O 7. Find FUN […]

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Everyone turns to food rather your happy, sad, stressed, ect.. I’m here to help you NOT turn to “comfort foods” that will make you feel BAD later! Check out these 15 Comfort foods that are good for you! 1. Bowl of Oatmeal 2. NB&H. 3. Chicken Noodle Soup. 4. Baked Potato 5. Meatloaf 6. Chicken and Dumplings 7. Chinese 8. Pizza 9. Apple Pie […]

Heart Health

Staying upbeat can be challenging especially when things aren’t going well at home, with family, with work, ect.. so how can you stay upbeat? Check out these 12 reliable tips for improving your state of mind to cultivate a positive attitude! 1. Give thanks for each day. 2. Count your personal blessings 3. Do a good […]

Its almost warm weather time!!! time to show off what you been working out on all winter. But don’t stop here’s 6 silly CRAZY workouts that are no joke! they really work! 1. Kangaroo Jumps with special designed  “rebound exercise shoes” major calorie burner!  2. Laughter Yoga! This form of yoga allows you to actually laugh while […]