Mental Health

Lets make life a lot easier for you, check out these 15 tips of things YOU should give up in order to be Happy! 1. Give up your need to always be right 2. Give up your need for control  3. Give up on blame 4. Give up your self-defeating self-talk 5. Give up your […]

Family Health

“I’m so busy” “There isn’t enough hours in the day” “If only I had a rest day” ect… hey I can DEF relate as a mom, soon to be wife and hard worker. “ME TIME” is very important! check out these ways to help 1. Stop feeling guilty about you needing time, decide what time […]

Now most of the time I’m posting stories about music, entertainment, sneakers etc. but sometimes you really have to dig deep and address issues that touch people in your community. Today is one of those times! Now there has been a very disturbing news story trending for a couple days and that is of the […]

Family Health

Lets talk serious for a second..with everything going on with the abusive situation that surfaced and made national news! How can YOU tell if YOU are in a unhealthy Relationship??? Lets talk some Warning signs of a Unhealthy Relationship… * Of course #1- Physical abuse- it can come in many forms, and is any kind of physical […]

Sometimes we are on the move so much we forget about our health! Its time to take our health more seriously ladies including myself! Check out these 9 Health Symptoms we ALL have that we should NOT ignore! 1. Acute Fatigue  2. Rectal Bleeding 3. Abdominal Bloating and Pain, Change in Bowel Habits 4. Pain […]

Today I participated in the 3rd annual Walk Ahead for Brain Tumor in finding a cure in Downtown Cincinnati along with survivors, caregivers, family members, brain tumor specialists and other caring members of our community. In April 2012, my cousin Jamie Isome (semi pro football player #44) passed away from a Brain Tumor. Its VERY important […]