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CareSource and Urban One Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis have teamed up to bring you a conversation about what shots you need to be healthy and stay healthy. We will discuss the CareSource mission, why vaccines are important, and how they keep the community safe. June 14, 2022 @ 12pm (noon) Learn more about CareSource  

The White House says 100 million Americans are now fully vaccinated. The White House will now focus on expanding vaccine availability further for those who haven’t been able to get their shot yet. How would you rate the overall vaccine rollout in 2021?  Are you in the 100 million? Source “That’s a hundred million Americans […]

Walgreens Now Selling At-Home COVID-19 Tests Now getting checked for COVID-19 is even easier than before thanks to Walgreens. The pharmacy giant is selling at-home saliva-based PCR test kits that can deliver results in less than two days. Customers can pick one up for $119, which can be used by those requiring a negative result before travelling. Robert Thompson, […]

Ok so we ALL exercise to loose weight but what about the other rewards??? Check out these 12 Rewards, besides with weight loss, for exercising! 1. Exercising puts you in a BETTER Mood! Cranky, upset? EXERCISE! When you work out, your body makes endorphins — “feel-good” chemicals 2. Energy! Feel tired/sluggish, get moving! If you exercise […]

Need a boost, check out these 8 easy tips to increase your energy! 1. Outside– Going outside has been proven that nature and the sun can boost your energy so take a quick walk! 2. SUN! rather you hang out the window or go outside and lay in it, it will help! 3. H2O- Water […]

I know its Memorial Day weekend and you are enjoying! But…. 5 minutes is all it takes to keep up on things! Don’t just ‘look good’ but want to ‘feel good’ also! so before you grab that hamburger/fries, pop, ect… do these exercises first! 5 minutes! all it takes! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER/INSTAGRAM @Wiznationcincy […]

Busy Busy Busy yes we ALL are, sometimes it doesn’t feel like we have enough hours in a day, we need MORE time right?!? Wrong! adjustment in some areas is all that’s needed! Check out these 9 tips to get MORE out of your day! 1. Set a Time aside to do what YOU need […]

Ok summer is right around the corner, you ready? me either! Lets start NOW together, check out these 10 surprising ways to shed pounds NOW! 1. HUNGER is the #1 problem, YOU have to be in control of WHAT you eat and HOW MUCH you eat it! 2. Gather knowledge on what you should be […]

“I’m so busy” “There isn’t enough hours in the day” “If only I had a rest day” ect… hey I can DEF relate as a mom, soon to be wife and hard worker. “ME TIME” is very important! check out these ways to help 1. Stop feeling guilty about you needing time, decide what time […]

LADIES… we have to know how to take care of ourselves, exercising is very important but your diet is just as important.   Do you know which foods pack the most vitamins, minerals and antioxidants? let me help you out! Check out these Super Foods we all should be eating! *Broccoli- kills cancer cells and packed […]

Happy Easter! What better way to fix your attitude then today! Check out these 12 ways to keep a positive attitude!!!! 1. EVERYDAY..Give THANKS! life it self is a blessing 2. Count YOUR blessings! 3. Good Deeds, do it with no one even knowing 4. STOP holding a grudge 5. Forgive! and if you are […]

If you always on the go like me, that could be a reason, but if you are resting properly and have took some days off but you are STILL tired, check out these 8 reasons that could be the cause… 1. Eating Too Much Sugar! you thought sugar would keep you going?!?! Nope! simple sugar is […]