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Men's Health

So Kevin Hart Goes On Jimmy Kemmel to promote his new Nike training shoes and they are so off the chain dope. Check out the video below. source   

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Need a boost, check out these 8 easy tips to increase your energy! 1. Outside– Going outside has been proven that nature and the sun can boost your energy so take a quick walk! 2. SUN! rather you hang out the window or go outside and lay in it, it will help! 3. H2O- Water […]

Lets make life a lot easier for you, check out these 15 tips of things YOU should give up in order to be Happy! 1. Give up your need to always be right 2. Give up your need for control  3. Give up on blame 4. Give up your self-defeating self-talk 5. Give up your […]

Exercising in the morning is the BEST! But if your not a early morning riser, especially with the time change let me help you out with these 8 tips to becoming a morning workout person like ME!  1. So important…Preparing the night before! 2. Go to bed EARLY to be ready for the AM 3. […]

Ok, if you’re a hardworking on the go mom like me! You get up at 5am work all day come home to make dinner, help kids with homework, wash dishes, do laundry, clean the house and don’t forgot 1 on 1 time with your spouse! TIRED isn’t the word! So when can you fit time […]

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Dieters listen up! Everyone tells you what to eat and what not to eat. My way..I eat what I want just small portions! But check out these foods that we think are bad, thats really not that bad for you! 1. White Potatoes- Don’t load it up with butter, cheese, bacon, ect.. but if you […]

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We all have “Bad Habits” some we know, some we don’t! Let me shine a light into 10 common bad habits you’re probably doing now, that you should BREAK! Habit #1-Ladies..wearing make up to bed! Beyonce admits to doing it and I do as well especially if its perfect but..this can cause irritations and infections […]

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Its that time of the year where you don’t want to gain weight for the holidays but ENJOY the holidays. You eat and eat which means you have to exercise and exercise. Check out these 8 tips that’s important for Weight Loss and help maintain it! 1.  Portions! You MUST control how much goes on […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! and it has hit my family HARD as my aunt passed away in 2013 from Breast Cancer. Ladies AND MEN! Know the signs, find out why its important to get screened, know your family history and check out these  6 breast cancer detection methods… 1. Mammograms- which are X-ray images of your […]


Waiting for Mr.Right or Mrs. Right? I know how you feel I used to be in the same boat, let me help you out… 10 Steps YOU can take right now to get you ready for your Soul mate… 1. Pray! (MOST important)-pray for what you want in a spouse, pray that you are ready […]

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Lets talk serious for a second..with everything going on with the abusive situation that surfaced and made national news! How can YOU tell if YOU are in a unhealthy Relationship??? Lets talk some Warning signs of a Unhealthy Relationship… * Of course #1- Physical abuse- it can come in many forms, and is any kind of physical […]

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Ok you trying to diet, trying to loose weight? Most people start on Monday morning so perfect time to pin point your diet personality and fix it so tomorrow you are off to a fresh start! Check out one of my favorite to see what they consider…Diet Personalities… * Diet Personality: Bad Attitude Bunch- You’ve […]