If you would like to be added to the listserv for Radio One job vacancy notices, please send your organization’s name, mailing address, email address, telephone number and facsimile numbers, and the name of the contact person to
Sonya Hall-Harris at
sharris@radio-one.com, or
1010 Wayne Avenue, 4th Floor, Silver Spring, MD 20910


FCC Public File Contact:



Here is all the information you need to contact 101.1 The WIZ!

Radio One Cincinnati
101.1 The WIZ
1 Centennial Plaza, 705 Central Ave., Suite 200
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Main Phone:  513-679-6000
Main Fax:  513-679-6014

Contest/Request Line: 513-749-1011


CEO: Alfred Liggins

Owner: Radio One, Inc.General Manager: Dan Abercrombie
General Sales Manager: Dan Abercrombie
Program Director: Chris Harris
Digital Advertising: Tim Hall

5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Gary on said:

    Can anyone tell me the WIZ email address where Cincinnati artists can send their mastered music for airplay on Sundays? Thank you

  2. Samantha on said:

    I listen to ya’ll constantly, I GOTTA go see Kevin Gates when he’s in Newport. My boyfriend/fiancé got murdered( shot by a man he didn’t know) in Cincinnati and we’ve been waiting for Kevin Gates! I’m always trying to call, even just to win $$ in the mornings! I can never get thru! What other ways can I get there! I’m trying to get the $. Things have just been right since October. If only NBA YB would tour!!! I gotta see him for Derek. Trying to get him Justice in the courts on June 13th, his killer plead guilty and gets sentenced then. He took a fiancé, best friend, FATHER, son, what has happened to this world?! You can’t even go out with your friend ONE NIGHT IN A YEAR AND NOT GET SHOT IN THE HEAD?! I gotta see Kevin! Best ways for me to win?!!!

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