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Ok so we ALL exercise to loose weight but what about the other rewards??? Check out these 12 Rewards, besides with weight loss, for exercising!

1. Exercising puts you in a BETTER Mood! Cranky, upset? EXERCISE! When you work out, your body makes endorphins — “feel-good” chemicals

2. Energy! Feel tired/sluggish, get moving! If you exercise daily you’ll start noticing the extra pep!

3. Better Sleep! exercising provides a better good night’s sleep!

4. Confidence! After you ran or walked that mile how do you feel! Confident right! GREAT self-esteem booster!

5. Less Stress!!!

6. More productive. When I get tired especially at work, I take a walk or do a flight of stairs, come back feeling better.

7. Of Course…Loosing Weight. Go for at least 30min of activity each day!

8. Live longer! yes exercise adds years to your life

9. Stronger Bones and Muscles!

10. Healthier Heart!

11. Lower Risk of Cancer and …. check out 12 and more details here:

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