Actor Samuel L. Jackson has been in some of the most beloved and most hated movies ever to come out of the United States. Therefore, he is probably one of the most recognizable black actors of our time. Well, that may be true except for one entertainment news reporter. READ MORE  

  My number one FitGirl motto is, “The body follows the mind.” The biggest thing standing in between you and the weight loss results that you want to achieve may be your thoughts, so I sat down with  Amari Medical Chief Medical Director, Dr. J. Shah to get tips on how to mentally boss your body around once and for […]

Comedian Kevin Hart reveals five things about himself that you may not know, including how many times a week he gets his hair cut, which restaurant he owns and what luxury item he has a fetish for. READ MORE

  Sign Language Interpreter At Mandela’s Memorial Was A ‘Fake’ Who ‘Made Up His Own Signs’ The sign language interpreter for the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg was a fraud who was “literally flapping his arms around,” South African officials confirmed earlier today.

Blockbuster is finally calling it quits and closing the last 300 of their stores. They will also be getting rid of their DVD-in-the-mail service because why would that be working out for them either? Their movie legacy will live on in their online streaming rental service, and although we have been using Netflix for years, we are […]


[Dime Time TV] “You Be Killin’ Them” Fabolous x Amber Rose [VIDEO] Check out Def Jam recording artist, Fabolous new video, “You Be Killin’ Em” starring visen Amber Rose.


Chris Brown Attacks Blogger With “You So Black” Jokes Via: The Urban Daily

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Join 101.1 The Wiz In Paying Tribute To Cincinnati Bengals’ Chris Henry Please join 101.1 The Wiz All Stars today at 12pm noon, at Fountain Square as we pay tribute to Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver, Chris Henry.  We will have a giant “We Will Miss You” Banner in commemoration of Chris Henry. Come and sign […]