If you are looking for a good deal for an after Christmas sale, check out some of this great deals… From stores like Kmart, JcPenny and more.. KMART Up to 75% off + Extra 15% off Fine Jewelry with coupon BUY4YOU Extra 20% off Corelle, Sango & Gibson Dinnerware with coupon TABLE20 Extra $5 off […]

A Michigan granny got an unusually high water bill — so she threatened to fire a gun at her grandson for taking too many showers. Police were called to the home of Jaclynn Doreatha Wedlow by the teen, who said that she’d pointed a rifle at him and warned him about his over-enthusiastic bathing habits […]

What’s up with all of these social media updates? First it was Instagram with the live video feature. Now Snap Chat WTFasho…Snapchat’s Latest Update Means You Can Now Chat With 16 People at Once. Snapchat has added the ability to create and manage Group Chats, a “new way to communicate” with as many as 16 […]

Congrats to Cincinnati, we have made history. We are the tenth shortest commute in the nation, according to the online real estate website Trulia.  results of a new study The website states that it take us about 23 mins to commute. One of the shortest cities is of course my home town Columbus, Ohio which takes about 20 […]

Keke Palmer is back at it with another dance video. After unleashing choreography clips for“Down in the DM” and “I’m the Plug,” the “Grease Live!” star returns with Rihanna and Drake’s “Work.” It’s an ice cold routine as Keke and two dancers drop sultry moves to RiRi’s 14th No. 1 hit. With a pole and popsicles […]

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Oprah took to her instagram to introduce her new barbie doll called Ava Duvernay. My question to you is will you but it for $65 dollars? I would get my daughter one fasho! Oprah Writes “This was my favorite Christmas present from @therealadamsays. Now look at what’s happened. LegendsBallOprah and @directher are Friends!” Because that’s what […]

Joseph Fiennes, who is a non-black actor, will star as Michael Jackson in a one-off TV comedy set to broadcast later this year. The white British star of “Shakespeare in Love” plays the black King of Pop in “Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon,” alongside Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor and Brian Cox as Marlon Brando. Reportedly, […]

The lottery is up to $800 Million. What Would you do with that kind of money? Let us know on our 101.1 The Wiz Facebook page. Also, our Twitter and Instagram @Wiznationcincy

Khloe Kardashian  spills the coffee in an recent interview with New Beauty magazine. She addresses rumors that she’s had work done to both her body and her face. She even denied that she’s had plastic surgery, “People say I’ve had my butt done or I’ve had liposuction. When I hear that I have fake body parts […]

President Obama opens up about what his favorite song of 201 is? Can you guess? Is it Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Jay-z nope it’s Kendrick Lamar’s “How Much a Dollar Cost.” Did you guess right? I never would have thought that one. In an interview with PEOPLE, Obama says that he can’t get enough of the powerful […]

Keisha Cole claps back at her fan on twitter. Her fan wrote “Bring that heart break music back because that stuff you have now is wack.” That’s crazy that the fans only think she makes good music when she’s sad and lonely. CLICK HERE FOR MORE