Lil Wayne can’t catch a break now he’s being sued by his bus driver who claims the rapper was trying to kill him. Wow this is crazy!   He says Wayne became irate and started cursing, to the point the driver became scared and continued driving without refueling.

A video has leaked of Rihanna allegedly taking a control substance . I hope that isn’t the Co-Co.

That’s sad lol Cincinnati has made another list. The top 10 most populous metro cities with the most unpredictable weather are: Kansas City, Missouri Oklahoma City Minneapolis Cincinnati Indianapolis St. Louis Birmingham, Alabama Boston Milwaukee Dallas

This made me say #WTFasho…  Miss Universe Japan Ariana Miyamoto has been criticized for not being Japanese enough. What the Fasho. The biracial beauty queen — the daughter of a Japanese woman and an African American man — said she may not “look Japanese” on the outside, but on the inside, her soul is replete with Japaneseness, according […]

If you really need a good laugh check out this video of tv outtakes compilation of some of your favorite tv shows. Let me know what you think?  SOURCE

  Erykah Badu has a #WTFasho moment while she was stranded at the DFW airport. Erykah Badu said, “It’s hard out here for a pimp, you know,” she said before listing off the local schools with closures.“Badu’s school is open though,” she joked while grinning for the camera.

  This is a #WTFasho story right here more than 100 people were fired right here is Cincinnati for failing to vote in the 2013 or 2014 elections led to the dismissal of 104 poll workers, according to the Board of Election’s Tim Burke. Burke said that the workers, who are paid for their time, […]

Ok this one is a #WTFasho! A man gets chased by a Bear. Lets just say I would have lost my mind if I was in this cats shoes. Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts? SOURCE

  This video made me say WTFasho!! Brazilian Man Puts A Poisonous Snake & Tarantula In His Mouth he has to be crazy see it for your self. SOURCE

Your boy Ice JJ Fish is back at it again. This time he remixes Rich Gang ‘Life Style’ take a listen and let me know what you think? VIDEO VIA WORLDSTAR

Whats up with these rappers now a days? Just ask 2 Chainz who’s  the host of GQ’s Most Expensivest Sh**. The homie  2 Chainz got to test out this very expensive toothbrush.  Which costs $5,000.  There’s now way in the world I wold buy a 5,000 toothbrush. Check out the video below!!! SOURCE