Drake has a plan to take his “Global Ambassador” role with the Toronto Raptors to the next level this NBA season. The team announced Drizzy as a centerpiece of their upcoming “Welcome Toronto” campaign. The campaign is being billed as an “immersive brand experience focused on art, community, and ball,” and it will include six “Welcome Toronto” […]

According to a rumor going around the web, the original Destiny’s Child lineup could be getting together for a performance at next year’s Coachella festival in Southern California. Beyonce, who backed out of headlining last year’s edition after she found out she was pregnant with twins, has been sharing Instagram photos of herself rehearsing in a spot that looks […]

Earlier this week, when the tracklist for Eminem‘s Revival was revealed and his name was left off, 2 Chainz was understandably feeling some kind of way. But a day later, he changed his tune, sharing a post from Genius of him and Em together. The Pretty Girls Like Trap Music rapper’s caption said, “Grateful for the opportunity, new music on the way!” […]

Texas A&M University is in the process of building a hotel across the street from its 100,000-capacity football field – which happens to be the fourth-largest stadium in the U.S. This hotel is special because the college is holding auctions and lotteries for the right to reserve individual rooms in the hotel on any day for […]

Being a former leader of the free world isn’t enough to get Barack Obama out of jury duty. The former President showed up at a Cook County court in Chicago this morning (Wednesday) to report. He arrived with his Secret Service detail and joined the rest of the prospective jury pool. He’s not the first President called […]

Even though toilet paper is a big part of our bathroom habits and routines, doctors say it’s actually bad for your butt. One problem is, toilet paper doesn’t really clean back there very well. Because of this, you end up with rashes – and scratches. From there, your body has to fight off infections. Not good. […]

After signing a new deal with Columbia Records — reportedly worth a couple million dollars — Remy Ma is working on new music, and not just any music. According to TMZ, Remy has linked up with the baddest chick of them all, Lil Kim, and the two female emcees are recording a diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj. The track is […]

Kellogg’s is apologizing for the design on its Corn Pops box after someone on social media called it racist. Writer Saladin Ahmed pointed out that the design, which shows a bunch of Corn Pops shopping, skateboarding and splashing around in a fountain, also shows one darker Corn Pop with a floor buffer who is clearly a janitor. Ahmed […]

Facebook has temporarily suspended Lil B for “violating the site’s hate speech policies.” A representative for Facebook confirmed the 30-day suspension to MotherboardTuesday, adding that the offending posts had already been deleted. Monday, Lil B tweeted that Facebook had banned him for “talking about white people.” Currently, the most recent text post on the Based God’s Facebook page […]

Iggy Azalea is being sued after racking up an unpaid credit card bill of $300,000 — a whopping $250,000 over her limit. American Express is seeking the full amount of the balance in addition to the legal fees. These aren’t the “Fancy” rapper’s first money troubles. She previously made headlines after accruing a staggering $660,000 in […]

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting earlier this week, just about everyone is debating the merits of gun control. No stranger to political discourse or guns, T.I. offered up his own take on the debate. TMZ caught Tip as he was heading to his car, and pressed him for his thoughts on gun control. When asked […]

It looks like the Justin Timberlake has mended fences with the NFL — which is working on a deal to bring him to Super Bowl 52. Justin triggered a nationwide freakout by yanking down Janet Jackson‘s top during their performance of his hit “Rock Your Body” at the 2004 game, but TV and football execs are ready to […]