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After signing a new deal with Columbia Records — reportedly worth a couple million dollars — Remy Ma is working on new music, and not just any music.

According to TMZ, Remy has linked up with the baddest chick of them all, Lil Kim, and the two female emcees are recording a diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj. The track is reportedly called “Wake Me Up” and is filled with subliminal shots at Nicki and her rumored relationship with Nas.

It’s unclear when the song will surface, but it looks like it’ll be off Remy’s next album. TMZ also shared a picture of the two ladies on set, leaving us to presume that a music video is in the works as well.

Fasho Thoughts:

  • The upcoming collab shouldn’t come much of a surprise since both Remy and Kim shared pictures of them working together back in August, but we weren’t aware that they were going at Nicki’s neck.
  • Looks like we’re getting a “SheETHER” with some added star power.
  • Remy and Kim should keep it classy and not even waste their breath on someone they feel isn’t worth their time or energy.
  • Why can’t female artists work together to take over instead of constantly being at each other’s throats? There’s room for everyone to eat.
  • These three women can all fight for relevancy; meanwhile, Cardi B is the biggest artist out right now.
  • The battle may be over but the war is just getting started.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho


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