Now that Hugh Hefner has passed away, many are wondering what will happen to the Playboy Mansion. While Hefner lived – and partied – in the 22-room mansion since he bought it in 1971, he actually sold it to his next door neighbor, billionaire investor Daren Metropoulos, for $100 million last year. Daren let Hugh live there until […]

Floyd Mayweather wagered on himself the day of the fight. The boxer told ESPN how he attempted to place 400-grand on winning in 10 rounds or less, which he did. However, the casino refused his money. It’s unethical for an athlete to wager on their own event, even in cases where they bet on a victory. However, Nevada […]

Facebook is going after hate groups by pulling their accounts. The social network confirmed that it has removed eight accounts belonging to racist groups in the wake of last weekend’s violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Facebook issued a statement which reads, “Our hearts go out to the people affected by the tragic events in Charlottesville. Facebook […]

Here’s what people are saying about Insecure: Issa is me. Cracking awkward jokes during sex and everything. This wine jug is making me so happy, love that the Carlo Rossi is back. Bad night at the bar. Then your vibrator crashes. That’s a really bad night. Issa is always wearing granny panties. That’s why Lawrence […]

Power is Starz’s highest-rated show — but it might not be for long. After an apparent dispute with the network, 50 Cent is threatening to take the network’s biggest hit elsewhere. The morning after the series’ latest episode premiered, Fif’ logged onto Instagram with something to get off his chest. He wrote, “I woke up feeling a little different about Power this […]

O.J. Simpson goes before a parole board on Thursday and cameras will be rolling. The convicted felon — and suspected double-murderer — will plead for an early release from prison. Legal experts believe he’ll likely walk as early as October. ESPN has scheduled a 90-minute broadcast of the proceedings starting at 1 p.m. [ET]. More than […]

When the Kardashians are right, they’re right. And Rob Kardashian has finally admitted his family was right when they warned him that Blac Chyna was “bad news.” TMZ says Rob apologized to his sisters and mother for slut shaming his baby mama on social media and told them he has “no excuse” for posting nude pics and her medical information. He also […]

A very personal letter that Tupac Shakur wrote to Madonna from jail will be auctioned off later this month. In the handwritten letter, which was dated January 15th, 1995, Tupac informs Madonna that he was ending their relationship because she is white. He wrote, “For you to be seen with a black man wouldn’t in […]

  A Los Angeles home belonging to LeBron James was targeted in a hate crime early Wednesday morning. TMZ reports that LAPD units and a neighborhood patrol vehicle responded to the home to find the N-word spray-painted on the front gate. Investigators are looking for security footage from neighbors that may show the predator. Though […]

Start spreading the news — the Grammys are headed back to New York. The 60th annual ceremony will be held on January 28th, 2018 at Madison Square Garden. The Grammys have been held in L.A. the past 14 years, last having taken place at MSG in 2003. Recording Academy head Neil Portnow says, “As a […]

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg announced plans Wednesday to bring 3,000 new employees aboard to assist in the social networking site’s continued efforts to monitor and promptly remove violent content. The issue of how best to deal with footage of violent acts being livestreamed or otherwise shared on the platform has become a heated discussion topic […]

Imagine a world where Michelle Obama had never become first lady. No, we don’t mean if John McCain had won the 2008 election. According to a new book, Barack Obama proposed marriage to another woman before he met Michelle. In his book The Making of Barack Obama, David Barrow says that he actually popped the question […]