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Justin Timberlake promised that folks would be surprised by his new single, “Filthy,” and he’s kept that promise — for better or worse.

The man who brought sexy back seems to have split fans right down the middle, with some digging the dirt and others calling it garbage.

Reactions ranged from:

  • People [dump] on creative artists for doing new stuff. Same people who hated “Suit & Tie” when it came out for 20/20 Part 1 came around. #Filthy is beyond a banger. It’s innovation personified. Embrace change.
  • My favorite thing about #Filthy is JT is making the music he wants to. No pressure to be inherently pop or prove himself. It actually sounds like Future Sex/Love Sounds to me, and uses a lot of the instrumentals he incorporates on tour to transition to new songs.


  • I couldn’t even finish Justin Timberlake’s new song. It’s so bad. Maybe I’ll give it another listen in the morning but it’s a no for now.
  • First I thought JT’s song new song #filthy was trash. Upon second listen I think it’s garbage.

Fans will have a few weeks to let the song sink in before Justin drops his full Man of the Woods album on February 2nd.

Fasho Thoughts:

  • All publicity is good publicity, as they say.
  • Maybe Justin stretched a bit too far this time.
  • It’s just a different kind of sexy that he’s bringing back.
  • Chances are, there are a bunch of different styles on the album — enough to please everyone.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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