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A Florida man heard the jail door slam behind him after trying to kill his wife by rigging their front door with electricity — and changing his Facebook status to “widowed” before finding out the plot failed badly.

Michael Wilson devised an elaborate set-up that was supposed to give a fatal jolt to anyone who touched the deadbolt lock, but made the mistake of telling relatives not to let their kids anywhere near the lock or door handle — which aroused suspicions. When the wife’s step-dad showed up to check things out, he found a strange drawing with the word “hi” and a smiley face along with some wires. He called cops, who disarmed the device.

The couple recently had serious marital problems and Wilson was not supposed to be at the residence, but violated that order numerous times. A Facebook page belonging to the 32-year-old shows him holding two handguns, and calls him “the guy that your father warned you about.” It also lists him as “widowed.” (Daytona Beach News-Journal)

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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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