If you always on the go like me, that could be a reason, but if you are resting properly and have took some days off but you are STILL tired, check out these 8 reasons that could be the cause… 1. Eating Too Much Sugar! you thought sugar would keep you going?!?! Nope! simple sugar is […]

Cancer, you took my aunt-Angie Evans and my cousin-Jamie Isome along with friends and you tried to take others I know as well but we won’t let you! I’m doing EVERYTHING I can to cut cancer out of my life! Check out these 7 tips/ways to help! Cancer Risk #1 Tobacco Cancer Risk #2 WEIGHT/Obesity […]

Ok, if you’re a hardworking on the go mom like me! You get up at 5am work all day come home to make dinner, help kids with homework, wash dishes, do laundry, clean the house and don’t forgot 1 on 1 time with your spouse! TIRED isn’t the word! So when can you fit time […]

Didn’t know working out could be so sexy huh? Me either! If working out is on your agenda, switch it up a bit. My favorite…Hip Hip class! Redefine your moves, sculpt your body and get in the mind set that your auditioning for Beyonces video! s/o to my girl Markesha and Redifine ladies!!! Others… *Striptease […]

Its that time of the year where you don’t want to gain weight for the holidays but ENJOY the holidays. You eat and eat which means you have to exercise and exercise. Check out these 8 tips that’s important for Weight Loss and help maintain it! 1.  Portions! You MUST control how much goes on […]

Ok ladies listen close ladies…what guys HATE! what turns them off the MOST! *Too close to HIS friends! Sure you want his friend/family to like you but being TOO friendly or acting as if their YOUR friend is a turn off. *Your Appearance is better than his! Ok don’t take this the wrong way men […]

Too busy, kids running around, crazy day at work! Boredom in the bed room strikes because your tired or its just not there. Get it back ladies here’s steps on how to bring your sexy back! Lets meet for BED ROOM talk! * Ok first…You have to stay Fit and Healthy! think about it, how […]

As we know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and did you know the National Cancer Institute estimates almost 232,670 new cases of breast cancer in women! and even close to 2,360 cases in men in 2014 in the United States alone!  Check out these 14 celebrities who have faced breast cancer: * Joan Lunden. In June […]

Been together for a while? Married for Years? Have kids??? Its football season so has he been ignoring you ALL day?!?! Even the most compatible and passionate couples need to put effort into their partnerships. Here are nine easy ways to boost intimacy and connection with your partner, lets GET IT! *Get a Fantasy Box– write […]

Ok you trying to diet, trying to loose weight? Most people start on Monday morning so perfect time to pin point your diet personality and fix it so tomorrow you are off to a fresh start! Check out one of my favorite sites..Everydayhealth.com to see what they consider…Diet Personalities… * Diet Personality: Bad Attitude Bunch- You’ve […]

In a relationship having Good Sex or Ok sex makes or breaks you, won’t you agree?  Do you share secrets with your partner? To get the BEST results for both of you, sharing sex secrets is a benefit! Check out and USE these 7 tips from Everydayhealth.com… *Don’t tell what DOESN’T”T Feel good, tell what […]

In a couple of hours it will be MONDAY! if you like me thats the start over day for you diet! Check out these 10 Best Slimming Foods to jump start your day! 1. Apples 2. Eggs 3. Cauliflower  4. Lowfat Yogurt 5. Oatmeal 6. Peanuts 7. Soup 8. Fish 9. Bulgur  10. Salad WHY??? HOW??? MORE […]