Say it’s not so Oj’s Bronco is being rented out for parties. I can’t believe this, or as my son would say I can’t like it. O.J.’s now-infamous, white 1993 Ford Bronco. Any car that was captured for millions to during a self-incriminating high-speed police chase was most certainly meeting imminent doom. Such was the […]

    OK NBA, it’s like this. Your number one star player … your money maker if you will, is laying down the gauntlet. And in case you need help, his name is LeBron James.It’s real simple. James, along with other players won’t play next season if Donald Sterling still is an NBA owner, according […]

It truly is a new day in the US justice system. For the first time ever the government is offering leniency in the case of non-violent drug crimes. Does this mean that everyone’s getting out? Nah. But the White House has tasked defense lawyers with suggesting inmates whose sentences were overly severe due to disproportionate […]

Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement and this could be his first step to maybe competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 22-time medalist will go into competition for the first time since 2012 London game at a meet in Mesa, Ariz., on April 24-26. The return will see Phelps in the 50- and 100-meter freestyles and the 100 butterfly. […]

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 Beyonce landed the cover of Gay & Lesbian Magazine “Out!” Mrs. Carter talks about how “there is a double standard in America when it comes to women expressing themselves and being sexual. Men are able to live free and women aren’t. That’s why she is getting so much backlash when it comes to her new […]

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Beyonce serves us Marilyn Monroe tease as she covers ‘Out’ magazine’s power issue with short blond hair reminiscent of the legendary sex symbol. It may just be…

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According to Eben Gregory, The Los Angeles Lakers have ruled Kobe Bryant out for the remainder of the season after a re-examination of the veteran…

  LeBron James may have gained  plenty of praise for his carbon fiber Batman-style mask he wore on Thursday night, however, that didn’t stop the NBA from sending a memo to James to change his black mask to a clear one for Saturday’s game. The four-time MVP broke his nose in a game on February 20 […]

You already know that Floyd Mayweather can box. But did you know that his car collection is sick also? CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS CARS 

  Ask anyone in television production and they will tell you there is nothing more nerve wracking than producing a live television broadcast. Anything can happen during a live show and most times, it will happen. sports broadcaster Ronnie Lott found that out on Saturday when he was enthusiastically speaking about the UCLA football team when he […]

    TMZ is reporting that Wesley Snipes is home from jail, well almost. He was apparently sent to to the New York Community Corrections Office, which will oversee his house arrest, on April 2, 2013! So, he may or may not be in his own pajamas in his own bed at night, but he’s probably […]