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Chance the Rapper has been thinking a lot about making some major changes in his life — charging for his debut album and moving back in with his parents. And despite what you might assume, money is’t the motivation behind either decision.

On selling his next album: “I think I might actually sell this album… I kind of hate the fact that I can’t chart, really… I can chart, but the way they have the streaming [stuff] set up is weak… It’s unfair. 1500 streams is equivalent to one album sale… Nobody listens to their songs [1500] times when they buy it.” Still, nothing is set in stone and he says it’s “just an idea.”

On changing his living situation: “I’m honestly, in real life, thinking about moving in with my parents right now… I think, anybody, if they were in my position — if they were 23 with a kid for the first time and were working — they would find comfort in being able to stay with their parents. If their parents are willing. I guess that’s just what it all comes down to — if they’re willing.” (Complex)

Fasho Thought:

  • It’s important to have a strong support system around you — especially when you’re blowing up like Chance is.
  • He’s doing a lot right now in his life, in his career and in his community — he doesn’t want to spread himself too thin.
  • Is Chance a sell-out if he decides to sell his new album?
  • He might be trying to test the waters and see what people think.
  • Chance got the Grammys to change the rules to include streaming albums — could he get the Billboard charts changed, too?
  • It’s not like he’s going to be living in his mom’s basement.
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