A new survey has found that men are more likely than women to go shopping on Christmas Eve. The survey found that 33 percent of women get their shopping done in October or earlier — compared to just 21 percent of men. And, a staggering 47 percent of men admit they do some shopping on […]

More details have been released about Beyoncé’s newborn twins. Rumi is the older one. She was born first on the morning of June 13th. Her baby brother Sir arrived a minute later. The twins were delivered via C-section by Dr. Paul Crane, who is also Kim Kardashian‘s OB-GYN. The birth certificates show that Rumi and Sir do not have middle names. […]

The city of Chicago says it experienced one of its most violent Fourth of July holiday weekends ever as more than 100 people were shot between Friday and Wednesday. Police say 15 people were killed, including a 13-year-old boy, and 86 others were wounded. Nearly half of the shootings occurred near the end of the long […]

We’re getting more details on the deal that went down to get Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir’s reality show on the air. TMZ reports that BET paid him $400,000 and her $250,000 to get commitments from the future Mr. and Mrs. Mane. The network will also foot the bill for an extravagant wedding, with an […]

More footage of Tiger Woods‘ DUI arrest has been released by police, this time showing the golfer taking a breathalyzer test and slurring his speech. The story has not gone away since Woods was arrested early Monday morning in Florida. The Jupiter Police Department has continued to release video footage of the arrest, including the dash-cam […]

British police say they’ve arrested three more men in connection with Monday night’s suicide bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Authorities fear that the bomber, Salman Abedi, may not have acted alone and are investigating the possibility he was part of a wider network. The three arrested are in custody, as is a fourth […]

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. And, according to a new survey, men spend 68% more on Mother’s Day than they do on Valentine’s Day. (Daily Mail) Fasho Thoughts: Guys end up spending more on Mother’s Day than they do on Valentine’s Day because they’re often getting squeezed for gifts to more than one woman. They’ve got […]

Mary J. Blige‘s divorce battle just took on a whole new level of drama — with word that her husband was fooling around with a diva she’d discovered. According to the New York Post, Kendu Isaacs tried to keep his romance with the much-younger Starshell on the DL, but most of the couple’s friends saw […]

According to a new study, all the bad news being reported everywhere we look is making us more aggressive. Researchers from Iowa State University found that violent stories found in the media cause similar problems with aggression as those caused by other known risk factors, such as bad parenting. This, of course, is a problem […]

United Airlines just can’t seem to stay out of the news these days. Another incident involving the removal of passengers from a flight is drawing more negative attention to the airline that is still trying to repair its image after last week’s incident in which a passenger was dragged off a flight. A bride and […]

This is good news to hear… Teens are using their smart phones more and drugs less. I know this hits home for me because I have a teen and he’s always on his phone playing games and Youtube and Ig. So this is good news to hear. Researchers believe the connection between smartphones and drug […]

Although fans will have to wait until next year for More Life, we now know a little more about what to expect from Drake’s new album. Bryson Tiller got onto Twitter and teased a collaboration with the 6 God. Tiller tweeted, “Started some vibes with Drake today. More life.” And Drizzy posted a picture of the […]