Meek Mill has another heavy hitter in his corner — and this one’s doing more than just offering support. The Reverend Al Sharpton will meet with the rapper and his attorney today (Monday) to see how he can help in Meek’s probation-violation case. He believes he can use his influence to get Meek’s two- to four-year sentence reduced […]

A 2-year-old boy in Georgia can’t get the kidney transplant he needs because his father violated probation. This story made me say #WTFasho! I can’t believe something like this. What are your thoughts? (BSCOTT)

Floyd Mayweather wagered on himself the day of the fight. The boxer told ESPN how he attempted to place 400-grand on winning in 10 rounds or less, which he did. However, the casino refused his money. It’s unethical for an athlete to wager on their own event, even in cases where they bet on a victory. However, Nevada […]

ESPN announced yesterday that it has removed a young play-by-play announcer from an upcoming University of Virginia football game out of fear that his name could cause some problems in the wake of the violent rally in Charlottesville. The network says Robert Lee, a young Asian-American announcer who is just starting his career in broadcasting, will […]

An Ohio man is probably kicking himself for getting arrested — after assaulting his wife with his prosthetic leg during an argument at their home. Richard Wilson did not put his best foot forward when he and wife Ronna got into the verbal dispute — which escalated to the point where he threw one of […]

During the fourth day of Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault trial, the comedian finally gave his side of the story. Cosby didn’t take the stand, though. He had his 2005 deposition in the Andrea Constand civil suit read aloud. (The civil suit was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.) Constand is also at the center […]

  A Los Angeles home belonging to LeBron James was targeted in a hate crime early Wednesday morning. TMZ reports that LAPD units and a neighborhood patrol vehicle responded to the home to find the N-word spray-painted on the front gate. Investigators are looking for security footage from neighbors that may show the predator. Though […]

Ludacris went huge for Mother’s Day, secretly renovating his mom Roberta‘s home in Atlanta, Georgia. Luda didn’t do it all by himself, however. He had help from Ashton Kutcher and the crew from My Houzz — a home makeover show that follows individuals remodeling the spaces of someone special to them. In the show, viewers learn that […]

This made me say #WTFasho today!!! A little 8 year old boy wanted a cheeseburger SO badly that he hopped into his father’s car and drove himself and his little sister to a McDonald’s near their Ohio home. According to Koehler, the police department received numerous phone calls about a child behind the wheel of a car. Surprisingly, […]

Lil Boosie is no friend of law enforcement in Biloxi, Mississippi. He says officers stole $1 million worth of his jewelry after he and his crew were wrongly ejected from a mall. Boosie Badazz claims that a security guard was acting in a racist manner, calling him “boy” — and then sprayed his whole crew, […]

Just days after he kicked off his Legend of the Fall world tour, The Weeknd has revealed that Rae Sremmurd will join him for the North American leg. The Canadian singer went to social media with an updated tour poster that lists the Atlanta duo as a special guest. 6lack [pr: Black] and Belly will also appear on the 27-date run. […]

If Kanye West drops a new fashion line but doesn’t bother to show up to the launch, did it ever really happen? Yesterday (Wednesday) was supposed to be the debut of the Yeezy Season 5 runway collection at New York Fashion Week. There was only one problem — no Yeezy. For past collections, the designer […]