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Ludacris went huge for Mother’s Day, secretly renovating his mom Roberta‘s home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Luda didn’t do it all by himself, however. He had help from Ashton Kutcher and the crew from My Houzz — a home makeover show that follows individuals remodeling the spaces of someone special to them.

In the show, viewers learn that the house his mother lives in is the first house he bought when he started seeing some money as a rapper. The renovation is long overdue and is a way for Ludacris to make his mother truly feel like she’s in her own space.

Fasho Thoughts:

  • During the VH1 Dear Mama special, Luda thanked his mom, saying, “I believe my success is due to the fact that the first influential woman of my life would not let me believe in the odds.”
  • He should have waited until after Mothers’ Day — he’s making the rest of us look bad.
  • Luda is setting the bar real high for future gifts.
  • When you’re a movie star and successful rapper, why not?
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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