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Floyd Mayweather wagered on himself the day of the fight.

The boxer told ESPN how he attempted to place 400-grand on winning in 10 rounds or less, which he did. However, the casino refused his money. It’s unethical for an athlete to wager on their own event, even in cases where they bet on a victory.

However, Nevada state law does not forbid fighters from betting on themselves.

So just hours before the fight, Mayweather handed 400-grand in cash to one of his Money Team members. He walked into a different place but they wouldn’t allow him to wager all of it. Instead, the sportsbook took “only” 87-grand on Mayweather to finish the fight under 10 rounds.

Fasho Thoughts:

  • He already had 100 million dollars guaranteed from the fight. But that wasn’t enough!
  • Mayweather has so many stacks of cold hard cash, he could build himself a mansion made out of money bricks.
  • This obsession with money and flaunting it could eventually lead to bankruptcy.
  • Top athletes use money to make competition exciting: Michael Jordan wagers huge amounts on the golf course. Michael Phelps can spend hours at the poker table.
  • Remember, Mayweather asked the IRS to delay payment on 2015 back taxes. He needed the payday from the McGregor fight so his check to Uncle Sam wouldn’t bounce.
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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