The $200 million will be divided into two parts. The first $100 million will be given to black-owned small businesses, black creators, and nonprofits working with black communities. The second $100 million will go to black-owned suppliers. The company will also be adding a new section to its mobile app, titled “Lift Black Voices,” which will […]

A Florida man heard the jail door slam behind him after trying to kill his wife by rigging their front door with electricity — and changing his Facebook status to “widowed” before finding out the plot failed badly. Michael Wilson devised an elaborate set-up that was supposed to give a fatal jolt to anyone who […]

Facebook has temporarily suspended Lil B for “violating the site’s hate speech policies.” A representative for Facebook confirmed the 30-day suspension to MotherboardTuesday, adding that the offending posts had already been deleted. Monday, Lil B tweeted that Facebook had banned him for “talking about white people.” Currently, the most recent text post on the Based God’s Facebook page […]

Facebook is going after hate groups by pulling their accounts. The social network confirmed that it has removed eight accounts belonging to racist groups in the wake of last weekend’s violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Facebook issued a statement which reads, “Our hearts go out to the people affected by the tragic events in Charlottesville. Facebook […]

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg announced plans Wednesday to bring 3,000 new employees aboard to assist in the social networking site’s continued efforts to monitor and promptly remove violent content. The issue of how best to deal with footage of violent acts being livestreamed or otherwise shared on the platform has become a heated discussion topic […]


The notorious Facebook Live murderer made sure to name drop his ex-girlfriend in the video of him taking 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.’s life. Ever since then, people have been wondering who Joy Lane is and what she did to Steve Stephens that caused him to snap. The murderer’s former lover met up with Godwin’s family and […]

  This is one of those stories that had a crazy ending. The McDonald’s employees who took a brave step and called the cops on the Facebook killer are going to get the $50,000 reward it looks like…If law every thing pans out right with law enforcement. According to TMZ The Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson […]


Just in time for throwback Thursday, Khia is out here reaching hard for headlines again. The rapper, known for her 2002 hit song “My Neck, My Back,” is back at it again with her Internet antics. After weeks of trolling Papoose and Remy Ma during Rem’s beef with Nicki Minaj, now Khia is flipping out […]


  Lecrae is taking over Facebook AND Twitter today. Join his Q&A live from the Facebook HQ at 1pm ET. Then, catch his Twitter chat at 2:30pm ET here. You won’t want to miss this!   Ask & Share Facebook: Twitter:     Stream and/or download  “Blessings”:     Follow Lecrae: […]

Thanks to social media, it has never been easier to meet new people and be exposed to new viewpoints. But, it seems social media doesn’t actually lead people to broaden their horizons. Instead, a new Italian study suggests Facebook and Twitter can make you more narrow-minded. Researchers found that social media makes people more eager […]

The nominees for Global Grind's 2016 Social Media Awards are in.

Two Pennsylvania teenagers streamed live on Facebook their final moments. They were traveling slowly on a highway with a spare tire doughnut when an 18-wheeler plowed into them from behind. The fiery crash instantly killed Brooke Hughes and Chaniya Morrison-Toomey. The video has been viewed thousands of times on Brooke’s page. She launched the Facebook […]