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Two Pennsylvania teenagers streamed live on Facebook their final moments.

They were traveling slowly on a highway with a spare tire doughnut when an 18-wheeler plowed into them from behind. The fiery crash instantly killed Brooke Hughes and Chaniya Morrison-Toomey.

The video has been viewed thousands of times on Brooke’s page. She launched the Facebook app. Then her passenger asked (quote) “Are you going live?”

There’s never an answer. Instead, there’s the distinct sound of screeching tires. The video goes black at the moment of impact. For seven minutes it’s complete silence. Then a bearded person appears before the video abruptly ends. (The Times-Tribune)

Your Thoughts:

  • Brooke was senior in high school. It’s going to be impossible to concentrate during finals week.
  • Is it only an urban myth that schools give automatics A’s to grieving students?
  • Police want to examine the video, which is evidence to what occurred and who might be at fault.
  • Many will blame the teenage driver for having a phone in her hand at the time she was rear-ended.
  • The victims’ friends have watched, but most of the video views have been from ghouls.
  • Reminiscent of the final moments of Philando Castile, who died from gun shots wounds. His friend went to Facebook Live to stream the aftermath of a police shooting.
  • Victims of the warehouse fire in Oakland texted loved ones “We’re gonna die” and “I love you.”
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