It’s Valentines Day and you would think that means a time for love, right? Well, for some of yes and some no. Some people are just getting over break-ups or just got dumped for Valentine’s Day. I know we all have our favorite break-up song that we like to compare to our relationships, so I listed ten […]

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  Alright Fellas!  You forgot, got too busy, or didn’t care enough to buy your spouse, girlfriend, friend, WIFE a Valentines Day I love you gift!  SHAME!  But…we got your back on the last minute Valentines Day gift Ideas! 1. A CARD not a 99 cent card but a card that really tells how you feel […]


Don’t write off the roses you may receive this Valentine’s Day as unoriginal.  There may be more to those roses than meets the eye – each color the romantic flower comes in, has a special meaning. According to the dedicated flower site, the following colors hold significant representation: Red – The most traditional color […]

Valentine’s Day for brand new couples consists of trying to outshine other couples, exchanging expensive gifts and/or an expensive dinner out on the town. Not quite your thing? If you’d rather stay inside in the comfort of your own home with the man (or woman) you love and eat homemade food that will satisfy both […]

Tink brings in valentines day in a different way with a new video for her latest single “Breakin Me”. Most Artists would  drop visuals for  music that celebrates Valentines Day,  however Tink takes a different approach displaying her break her and how she gets through it all like the thoroughbred woman that she is. Tink […]

eff Johnson served up his usual enlightening wisdom about everything pertaining to love.

Big Baby Dram drops his “Cute” video another single from his self titled album “Big Baby Dram”. The Video was just in time for the Valentines day vibes as it expresses what may be expecting on valentines and more importantly how you find that special someone. The video includes both fun humor throughout the visual […]


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Calling all Valentine's Day haters, lovers, and in-betweeners.