Ever think about taking diet pills to help you lose weight? Unlike most over-the-counter diet pills, prescription weight-loss medications have scientific research showing their safety and effectiveness. A smart first step would be to talk to your doctor about prescription medications for weight loss. Prescription Diet Pills: The Options There are different diet pills your […]

OMG I eat 24 hours a day it seems! When you are trying to diet thats when you are hungry the MOST! Check out these 5 tips on why you could be overeating…. Emotion. Eating as a coping mechanism, to numb suffering, calm fears, or combat loneliness are typical examples of emotional eating. Reward. Eating […]

Working out daily but see no change?!?! In order to continually boost your level of fitness, Jillian says you need to throw your body and brainexercise curve balls. First, it’s very easy to get bored with the same old routine. To keep things fun and fresh for your mind and body, you need to present them both with […]

You can’t change your body type but you can do exercises for YOUR body type to get to where you want to be. Check out these Tips here: * Apple Shapes: Tone Your Tummy *Pear Shapes: Tighten Your Thighs *Hourglass Shapes: Tone All Over *Flute Shapes: Chisel Your Waist *Athletic Shapes: Work Your Curves *Plus-Size Shapes: […]

We had GREAT weather over the past few days are you Summer Ready?!?! Let me help jump start you if no! Check out these 10 Ways to get Swim Suit Ready!  1. Get Psyched for Weight Loss Being ready to lose weight involves many things, including getting mentally prepared for a change.  2. Eat a […]

Monday starters this is for YOU! By making a few simple adjustments to your diet, you can elevate your mood and boost your metabolism. The benefits are potentially huge: Maintaining a good mood will help you stick to a healthy diet, be more productive, and increase your self-esteem. 1. Resist Skipping Meals 2. Stay Hydrated 3. […]

STRESS! The silent killer! When most of us think of the physical effects of stress, our minds jump to common complaints like headaches and upset stomachs. Stress, however, can affect many aspects of physical and mental health, ranging from hair, teeth, and skin to memory and concentration skills, and even how well we sleep. Check out what […]

Clothes feeling tight??? Winter weight piling on??? Ok lets get SPRING ready YES in February! Check out these 10 Steps to Speed up Weight Loss… 1. Switch up your snacks 2. Cut out high-calorie condiments and sugars. 3. Hoof it. “Exercise is key,” 4. Anticipate temptation. 5. Try the veggie-loaded plate method 6. Skip the fast food. […]

Its 2014, leave all the negatives behind! Check out these 8 Ways to be happier in the New year! *Look for the Positive *Nurture Relationships *Be Physically Active *Express Gratitude *Offer to Help Others *Forgive *Take Pleasure in Small Things *Make Spiritual practice a habit  Sounds good??? Read more in detail here: http://www.everydayhealth.com/emotional-health-pictures/8-ways-to-be-happier.aspx?pos=1&xid=nl_EverydayHealthHealthyLiving_20131230#/slide-9 FOLLOW US ON […]

Ok ladies…we ALL do it unless we Halle Berry or Beyonce. Talking about our bodies in a negative way is something we ALL must change! Check out these 4 tips from Jillian Michaels‘  and give your self-esteem a boost. Try these tips: Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, affirm your strengths and capabilities. Write down your accomplishments, no matter […]

No other organ measures up to your heart! Why not treat it well, check out 7 Reasons that LOVE is good for your heart… #1 Spending Time With a Loved One Lowers Blood Pressure #2 Your Heart Gets a Workout When it Goes Pitter-Patter #3 Hugs Are Good for the Heart #4 Laughter Makes Your Blood Flow More Freely […]

Plans for tonight?!?! Happy Sweetest Day to you and your boo! Check out these 5 ways to Seduce him tonight! Play a game. Have fun with cards, dice, and other sex games that offer tips and rules on what to do to each other. Talk dirty. Say what you’re feeling, what you want your partner to do, […]