In case you haven’t been keeping up with the love triangle of Soulja Boy, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran, there’s been more drama than an episode of Love and Hip-Hop in the past 24 hours. It started with Soulja Boy liking one of Karrueche’s pictures on Instagram and leaving some heart-eye emojis. This got Breezy heated, leading […]

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The Soulja Boy and Chris Brown beef has taken a truly strange turn after Soulja took to the streets to live stream interactions with everyday people, trying to prove that his name carries more clout in the hood than his rival. After the two artist went back and forth on social media, Soulja boy’s attempt to prove […]

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Here we are only 3 days into 2017 and already celebrities are taking to social media to start new drama. This new beef comes courtesy of Soulja Boy and Chris Brown with Karrueche Tran thrown in for good measure. If you are active on social media you already know that Soulja Boy and Chris Brown […]


Chris Brown and Soulja Boy's beef began over a photo Karrueche posted on Instagram. Tune in below.


Soulja Boy couldn’t WAIT until the new year to start his social media trolling. This time he had more than a few words for Chris Brown. He claims after he liked a picture Karrueche posted, Chris Brown got upset. And then it begins… Chris goes on to say him and Adrien Broner have a gym, […]

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Artist Droop finally speaks out about being shot 5 times by Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy just learned why it’s not a good idea to dry snitch on yourself on social media. The rapper and reality star was arrested after a search turned up a gun at his Hollywood Hills home. It came after a number of videos in which he held a gun while threatening Quavo, Shia LaBeouf and […]


In a year of weird rap beefs, Soulja Boy taking aim at Shia LaBeouf is now in contention for the year’s most head-scratching. Soulja was so offended by a lyrical jab thrown at him by LaBeouf that he’s attempting to institute a no-fly zone over Atlanta for the rapping actor. The rift between the two […]

Soulja Boy was beefing with a Chicago rapper named “Rico Recklezz” on Twitter when he decided to be the reckless one with his response. When Rico tweeted something to Soulja (after dropping a diss track aimed at him), Soulja’s response not only proved to be monumentally stupid, but a huge threat to his own future. […]

Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty exchanged words over the weekend – but what does Keke Palmer have to do with their beef?

You know in high school when boys claim to have slept with a girl, they've never even held hands with?

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If you ask me, BOTH OF THEM ARE WACK!!! But one is just more relevant at the moment than the other. Check out this video of Soulja Boy Going Off On Lil Yachty & Says He’s Going To Beat His A** On Sight, And it all because of this girl……