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Soulja Boy is strongly denying that any kidnapping took place at his California home over the weekend, TMZ reports. Sources close to Soulja says that Kayla, the alleged victim, is 100% lying about what happened. According to her account, her & Soulja got into an argument, she left, hit the curb while leaving, which prompted Soulja’s manager to get into it with her…and that’s when Soulja came outside grabbed her up and tied her down with an extension cord for 6 hours.

According to Soulja’s people…Soulja was dating Kayla, but he ended the relationship and she was heated. She allegedly came over to his crib under the influence, crashing her car in the driveway, hitting the curb. Quite a few people were inside Soulja’s crib and heard the crash outside, and that’s when Soulja’s manager came outside to let her know she wasn’t welcomed there anymore. Kayla proceeded to attack the manager and that’s when they got into it. According to Soulja’s people, Young Draco never came outside.

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