Soulja Boy has a lot going on in his life and he may be adding a baby to the mix.

Mike Tyson – “If You Show Up” Soulja Boy Diss Song! (Official Video)

Dr. Ian Smith shares whether he thinks Chris Brown & Soulja Boy has a better chance of winning.


  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Rapper Kodak Black is fresh outta jail but is already starting some mess by challenging Lil Wayne to a fight via social media.  Why?  There’s a few reasons why…. Social media dragged him for calling himself the best rapper alive.  So he thinks if he wins this fight he […]

Mike Tyson and Chris Brown done made a Soulja Boy diss track. Check it out below is it Fasho or FaNo???   Mike Tyson had a few words to say on Instagram.   Check out Soulja Boy training in the gym

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Check it out above and be sure to go see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in theaters everywhere January 27th.

As 2016 came to a close, rapper Soulja Boy became the most entertaining person to watch.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have been beefing heavy since the start to this year.

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Earlier this week, Soulja Boy posted two images on Instagram which showed him and a woman who Soulja claimed to have “taken” from Chris Brown. The woman, Cydney Christine, has now spoken out, claiming, “I haven’t talked to either of these people [Chris Brown and Soulja Boy] in months.” Click here to see what she […]

Soulja Boy is still talking mess, after his apology. Please watch this video!!! What are your thoughts who would win the fight?

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The rapper hit Instagram with a photo of Chris Brown's little girl.