Viola Davis seems to receive criticism for a lot of the movies she’s a part of. In her latest movie,“Won’t Back Down,” Davis plays a parent concerned about the education her child is receiving so she takes a passionate stance on reforming public schools. Sounds like an inspirational, feel-good time if you ask me. But ask […]


From KYSDC Howard University students took to the streets to protest the execution of Troy Davis last night. 13 people including a professor were arrested in total. Read more here The students were told to move from the front of the White House to Lafayette Square. They refused to move and were then arrested. One […]


“To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice.”—DESMOND TUTU Unless something God-like and miraculous happens, Troy Davis, 42, is going to be executed tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21, 2011, at 7pm, by lethal injection at a state prison in Jackson, Georgia. Let me say up front I feel great sorrow […]

Legendary conscious rapper KRS-One had his most recent video banned from YouTube due to “shocking images.” The video, featuring up and coming rapper Greenie, is politically charged and criticizes U.S. foreign policy. The Grio reports: There’s no coincidence that this ban occurred during a very vulnerable time for many Americans. The 10-year anniversary of the […]


MIAMI-After the violence on memorial day weekend, Miami residents and community activists are planning a protest to have city leaders end “Urban Beach Weekend” the hip hop fueled event that brings thousands of people to Miami. CBS Miami reports: In an open letter to Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower, Sosa writes that the Urban Beach […]

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You might be thinking to yourself that “the Hip Hop heads can’t act right anywhere.” But this coming week, that couldn’t been further from the truth. Our sources at just caught wind that West Palm Beach is already up in arms as the city’s police force preps for an expected picket protest at an […]