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As the world unwillingly comes to grips with the fact that The Obamas are leaving The White House and reflecting on the change and inspiration they have given us over the years, there is a realization that we should be celebrating The First Family before they leave. BET Network has been tapped to host a […]

Tika Sumpter explained why she didn’t get to go to Kevin Hart‘s wedding, and why he got mad and called her several times and hung up on her. In a hilarious lightening round of questions, she reveals the last time she cried and why, who makes her laugh the most, her go-to karaoke song, and […]

It’s almost the end of an era—And FLOTUS did not disappoint, slaying in this shimmery figure-hugging, floor-length beauty.   It’s the end of an era—the Obama’s final White House State Dinner—and First Lady Michelle Obama did not disappoint. Donning an epic rose gold off-the-shoulder Atelier Versace gown, she and husband President Obama welcomed Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and […]

Jane Wood Allen described FLOTUS has a “gorilla” and said she was a “disgrace to America.” Now, Allen has no job.   One of these days, folks are gonna realize that the world — including social media — are always watching. A fact that a Georgia teacher wished she would have been aware before she popped off […]

In a 2010 episode of The Simpsons titled “Stealing First Base,” Michelle Obama visits Springfield Elementary to defend Lisa Simpson and her fellow overachievers from the school’s bullies. For reasons that weren’t clear at the time, however, the first lady’s animated doppelganger was voiced by actress Angela Bassett instead of Michelle herself. Perhaps the White House […]

On Wednesday, Essence released their final photoshoot featuring Barack and Michelle Obama as President and First Lady. The special collector’s edition of the magazine hit newsstands Friday and the issue is dedicated to honoring the grace and power the Obama’s have displayed during their eight years in office. But as the beautifully curated photoshoot spread across social media on Wednesday, one detail stood out. Or, should I […]

President Obama and The First Lady gracefully cover the October issue of Essence Magazine for a farewell issue, set to hit newsstands on September 9.

In celebration of the momentous occasion, she's spending her born day like none other: With the Obamas.