This one’s for the ladies! How many of you have ever had trouble keeping other women off of your man? If he’s a ladies man like film/television star Will Smith, then ladies take note from his equally successful wife and movie star Jada Pinkett Smith. Mrs. Smith called in recently to one of our Radio […]


How romantic- rapper Shawty Lo proposed to his long time girlfriend this weekend.


Swizz Beatz And Alicia Keys Are Engaged, Expecting A Baby! Via: The Urban Daily According to Miss Info Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys have confirmed that the photos of her with an apparent baby bump are exactly that.

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Terrence Howard pulled a fast one this year on the entire world. Back in January, the actor got hitched and slipped under the radar to marry his girlfriend Michelle Ghent-Howard. Who knew he was even dating so seriously after his separation from wife of 14 years Lori McCommas? The sly fox, who’s always just as […]


Be a Woman All Day, Everywhere Have respect, pride and dignity for yourself. If you let your friends take advantage of you, so will your man. If you come home crying about your job every day without being proactive about getting a new one, your man is not going to find that attractive. Be sexy, […]


VIA: While watching the “Notorious” film on HBO, I was intrigued by not only the story which, I thought that I knew already like so many others of my generation, but also by how clear his relationships were with the women in his life. The Faith Evans and Lil Kim storyline was extremely telling. […]