Ready to start dating!? Good! but keep in mind that you will start off with -casual dating which is all about keeping your options open and playing the field so that you can figure out what type of person you are most compatible with. Got it? Check out these 8 rules for “Casual” dating... 1. […]

Trouble finding love? I know its HARD finding love, TRUE love so let me help you out with 8 simple tips in finding love! 1. You have to first learn to LOVE YOURSELF! how can you give to others if you don’t give to yourself. 2. Be Lovable– kind, honest, sweet goes a long way! […]

Are you in love and trying to keep it going? Are you trying to find love? Trying to find the secret to True Love?!?! Check out these tips…. 1. Know the Laws of Attraction 2. Make sure you invest in YOURSELF! 3. Express that you love your spouse (everyone needs to hear it) 4. Never […]


Ok we all know putting lemons in your water is great for taste and to aid in weight loss but what else can lemons do for you.. *Get Rid of Ink Spots *Whiten your fingernails *Gets rid of black heads *Lightens your hair and gets rid of dandruff *Keep cutting boards clean and smelling fresh […]

LADIES… we have to know how to take care of ourselves, exercising is very important but your diet is just as important.   Do you know which foods pack the most vitamins, minerals and antioxidants? let me help you out! Check out these Super Foods we all should be eating! *Broccoli- kills cancer cells and packed […]


Happy Easter! What better way to fix your attitude then today! Check out these 12 ways to keep a positive attitude!!!! 1. EVERYDAY..Give THANKS! life it self is a blessing 2. Count YOUR blessings! 3. Good Deeds, do it with no one even knowing 4. STOP holding a grudge 5. Forgive! and if you are […]

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So your married or if you like me, getting married soon! You might want to take a look at these 9 things that could possibly ruin your marriage! 1. Addiction! Rather its porn, shopping, food or even social media being addicted to something is a bad thing! 2. Sex, nope! Your not in the mood […]

Went hard for New Years?!? You still feeling it? Check out these Top 10 Remedies for a hangover! 1. Water Water Water! will hydrate you and make you feel better 2. Drinking what you had the previous night! sounds crazy but works 3. Sweat! Exercise helps get out toxins 4. Drugs as in pain killers […]


If you are in a relationship rather new relationship, old, engaged or even married, you have or will argue! Couple have disagreements all the time, check out the Top 3 Reasons WHY couples argue and ways to resolve before it becomes a huge issue! 1. MONEY! Top on the list! Rather is too much or […]

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We all have “Bad Habits” some we know, some we don’t! Let me shine a light into 10 common bad habits you’re probably doing now, that you should BREAK! Habit #1-Ladies..wearing make up to bed! Beyonce admits to doing it and I do as well especially if its perfect but..this can cause irritations and infections […]

You work hard, eat right, diet, exercise the whole 9 then…that man/woman who you’ve been waiting for comes into your life then it all goes down the drain. No more time for the gym, you rush your work so you can get home and get dressed to go out, you eat, drink, be happy and […]

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Lets talk serious for a second..with everything going on with the abusive situation that surfaced and made national news! How can YOU tell if YOU are in a unhealthy Relationship??? Lets talk some Warning signs of a Unhealthy Relationship… * Of course #1- Physical abuse- it can come in many forms, and is any kind of physical […]