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So your married or if you like me, getting married soon! You might want to take a look at these 9 things that could possibly ruin your marriage!

1. Addiction! Rather its porn, shopping, food or even social media being addicted to something is a bad thing!

2. Sex, nope! Your not in the mood for sex rather its something going on in the relationship or your feelings toward yourself, FIX IT…fast!

3. Communication, communication communication– ALWAYS the key to a successful marriage, without it, it will fail

4. Your Attitude– had a bad day, never take it out on your spouse, gain space to get yourself together

5. Top predictor for divorce…Money! practice good money habits and talk openly

6. Your spouse comes 1st in a marriage period! not your friends and even family members your in a marriage to build your own family.

7. Fighting Fair– Every relationship has its ups and downs, argue fairly watch your words and timing

8. Don’t put off the fun! Work hard, play hard

9. Don’t forget the little things– in a marriage nothing is too small.

Happy marriage, I’m READY :) Read more here:

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