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A man by the name of Larry Hester, age 66,  has been blind for the last half of his life.  That is until new technology helped Larry get his eye sight back. Watch this inspirational video as Larry sees his wife for he first time in years. RELATED: HaHaHa: Key And Peele Text Messaging Confusion [Video] […]

  People are so hard pressed for sex that they will go to extremes just to get it. A man in Florida beat his wife…

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Ladies if you want to be married you must be willing to make some sacrifices. You must be willing to trade in your independent woman badge for the married badge. Marriage is a partnership, which mean you have to participate. Save yourself some heartache and frustration, and don’t get married if. . . You have […]

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A gay couple at Carmel High School was voted “cutest couple,” making history as the school’s first same-sex couple in the category. They share their…


Stop everything you’re doing and watch this right now. SOURCE Most people would probably be really freaked out if the news anchor on their TV started talking directly to them. Not this couple. “Pumpcast News” is a Tonight Show sketch in which actor Tim Stack, posing as the anchor of a (fake) news show aired at gas […]

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Some people are just not meant to be together.  But for some reason they can’t resist each other.  So which couple could we have did without this year?  You vote and let us know who your choice is for worst couple of 2012 Like The Wiz on Facebook to stay updated with the latest breaking, […]

Best Of 2012

Awwww!  America just loves a cute couple!  Whether it’s the cute teenage idols pairing up or the celebrity rebels, if they’re in love so are we!  Vote for your choice for the cutest couple of 2012. Like The Wiz on Facebook to stay updated with the latest breaking, entertainment news and original interviews! RECENT UPDATES- […]

This year, the Friday before Valentine’s Day was officially deemed the national “Side-Chick” Day. It’s the day when couples are most likely not going to be around one another, leaving room for side-pieces to get some extra love. There is at least one song on this list that you can catch every side-chick playing.. Ok […]

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The rumors were right. Though Eva Longoria claimed she and Eduardo Cruz, brother of actress Penelope Cruz, were just friends, a picture proves otherwise. The new couple were spotted kissing on a boat in Miami last night. SEE IT FOR YOURSELF IN THE GALLERY BELOW! From the looks of it, she doesn’t seem to care […]