Gary With Da Tea was giving his usual Tea when Rickey Smiley bursted in with some comments. Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

So I’m sure any moment now, Kelly Osbourne will be releasing an apology for her comments she made on  The View this morning. In an attempt to slander Donald Trump and his comments about Latinos, she threw shots their way by “mistake”. Wow Kelly Osbourne!! Who says such a bold racist statement on a national television […]

  If you’re in the rap industry, you better not be disrespectful towards Jay Z. NYC DJ Peter Rosenberg found out the hard way when he was leaving the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas and received a phone call from the legendary rapper.

When will fans learn that before they send shots in Rihanna‘s direction that they had better check her return policy? A fan got a very…

After nearly three months of hoping and wishing that this day would come the day of reckoning has finally arrived. Aaryn Gries  the racist who said…

Stacey Dash gets it. She defends Paula Deen for saying the n-word, but bashes Oprah for having an opinion about Trayvon Martin. That’s sarcasm people. Now if…

Via It’s not unusual to see some thirsty comments on a sexy pic posted on social networks.  Instagram has provided the perfect platform for sexy pics…so along with that come…you guessed it…more thirsty comments!  Here are some of the sexiest instagram pics along with some of the thirstiest comments we’ve ever seen on instagram. […]

Halle Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, called her a “ghetto n-word” during an argument according to court papers. Berry and Aubry are currently in court for a custody battle over their three-year-old daughter Nahla. Sources: Halle Berry’s Ex-Husband Used Racial Slur Against Her The U.K. Daily Mail reports: He screamed that she was a ‘’ghetto n****r’’ […]

Singer Kelis aired her feelings of disgust on Twitter after being called a “slave” at a UK airport. According to Kelis, a man called her “slave” and “disgusting Nigerian” while she and her young son sat at the airport. Kelis revealed: Over 50 people said nothing. I mean literally nothing. Didn’t flinch. We all no […]

PHOENIX-Comedian Katt Williams got into a yelling match with a Latino heckler at recent show in in Phoenix, Arizona and showed a great deal of American Patriotism while disrespecting the Latino man due to his pride about being Mexican. Katt Williams is known to have struggled with mental issues and the line between his performance […]

“The Breakfast Club,” a popular New York urban radio station on 105.1 FM aired a homophobic spoof of singer Miguel’s song “Sure Thing” early Wednesday morning. As the station played the Billboard #1 single, its lyric “You can bet that, you don’t have to sweat that” was replaced with “You can bet that, Miguel wants […]