About Kelson

Kelson is definitely knocking at your door and is determined to be the next best personality in radio, television, big screen or wherever his career opportunities take him. Perseverance, determination, a strong will and a never settling for anything but the best attitude are just a few attributes that Kelson is equipped with to climb his way to the top.

Entering the radio game at the age of 19 he\'s already made a tremendous mark on his peers, co-workers and his surrounding neighborhood. With friends and family already dabbling in the entertainment business it was only a year after entering the doors of the University of Maryland that he exited in search of his true dream… to entertain. During a transition of switching colleges, Kelson landed the opportunity that would jump off a lifetime of endless career objectives.
In 2005, Kelson received his B.S. in Electronic Media & Film with a concentration in Radio from Towson University. His experience in radio, warm, welcome, outgoing, competitive, friendly, sarcastic personality, and teachings have helped shaped Kelson\'s success and the degree has help solidify it. In 2007 and 2008 he was promoted to interim Music Director/Program Director Assistant for 92Q Jams. A year later he was officially crowned Music Director title. Having an on-air shift and assisting the programming department of the number 1 station in Baltimore may be considered a lot however it is do-able. Over the years, Kelson went on to do radio in Washington D.C. (WKYS-FM) and hosting the hottest Saturday night clubs, before transitioning to Cincinnati to host Afternoons and get his first stripes as a Program Director of 101.1 The Wiz (WIZF-FM).

In 2016, Kelson returned back home to host the #1 Afternoon show, Kels In the Afternoon, for two years while overseeing the cluster of stations owned by Urban One Inc in Baltimore. In 2020, Kelson proudest accomplishment is being the father of his daughter, Blake. When Kelson isn’t being a daddy, doing radio, he is being a Chef. “I love cooking for people and them tasting my flavorful food.” He’s launched his own cooking channel, Cookn With Kels, and hosting Zoom cooking class. For those who like to sit back and watch as others progress don\'t blink because you may miss Kelson as he excels to the top. His motto \"MAKE YA HATERZ YA MOTIVATERZ.\"