chris brown

Fans have been incredibly eager to hear Chris Brown deliver a new body of work. We will be outside this summer, after all. And what’s a summer without a Chris Brown banger blaring through the radio speakers? Unfortunately, it seems that we won’t be releasing a new album any time in the near future because […]

Election day is here and while millions of Americans have already cast their votes by mail, tens of millions of people have lined up at polling places throughout the country today (November 3). The onslaught of election coverage is enough to send anyone into a panic, but Chris Brown dropped off a bit of advice for people who are concerned […]

Chris Brown is known for the crazy hair colors and hairstyles. He has switched it up once again with dying his hair crazy colors. Is it hot or not? Check it out below.

Chris brown and Drake have released the video to their hit single ‘”No Guidance” off of Chris Brown’s latest album Indigo. Check it out below.  

Congrats to Drizzy, on yet another career milestone. With the release of “No Guidance” with him & Chris Brown which debuted at #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100, Drake gets his 34th Top 10 single of his 13 year career. The milestone ties him with the legendary band, The Beatles.


  Wendy Williams reported on her show yesterday that Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj are heading out on tour this summer.


  Chris Brown is currently still in Paris, but without any fear of being arrested as police reportedly are finding the accuser’s account of what happened impossible to believe, according to TMZ. The alleged victim’s account of what took place is apparently “the weakest part of the case” according to a source directly linked with […]


  Chris Brown doesn’t want to put the rape allegations behind him without challenging the original accusations against him. His lawyer in Paris, Raphael Chiche, says: Chris Brown is free. No lawsuits were filed against him. He vigorously challenges the charges against him. A complaint for slanderous denunciation will be filed tomorrow with the public […]


  Chris Brown, his bodyguard and one other unnamed person are being held on rape accusations and drug charges in Paris. The accuser says she met Chris last week (overnight between January 15 & 16) at a Paris nightclub, where they then headed back to the hotel where the alleged rape took place. Paris investigators […]

The Wiz Warm Up w/ Tatum returns with a big one! Not only is King (Christian) Combs the son of one of the most influential media moguls in the hip-hop industry (Diddy) BUT the 20-year-old rapper is getting his own brand out there with his “Luv U Better” single with Chris Brown, his 90’s baby […]

Recently, Joyner Lucas collaborated with Chris Brown for a joint project titled “Angels and Demons.” Aside from the Stranger things in life, Joyner Lucas addresses driving and texting and operating mobile devices while a car is in use in his latest track release “Frozen”. Watch Joyner Lucas’s “Frozen” video which touches the before and after […]