Christmas Weekend Check In w/ DJ Dimepiece on 101.1 The Wiz DJ Dimepiece is live on the radio and curious to know what you have planned this Christmas weekend? Working, Shopping, Relaxing? Whatever it is, share it with The Mixin’ Vixen live on 101.1 The Wiz!

VIA EXCLUSIVEACCESS.NET LudaDay Weekend just took place over the holiday break where the King & Queen chose to make their first public appearance since “Takers” debuting #1 in the country. Check out Day 4 of the Ludacris Labor Day weekend where not only did he hold court, but held a mic as well along with […]

It’s your girl Jade West checking in for the latest update on the Fourth of July Megamix Weekend going on all weekend long here at 101.1 The Wiz and If you missed any moment of yesterday’s action, shame on you. You can always tune into the media player below to find out what happened, […]

What’s up Cincinnati? Happy Fourth of July Weekend. Guess what we’ve got in store for you. Keep it locked right here and check out the video below explaining in detail who you’ll see and hear from the 101.1 The Wiz studios as we kick off the official Fourth of July Megamix Weekend featuring some of […]