Tyler Perry Can Imitate A Black Woman, But A White Man Can’t? So the question at hand is. “Tyler Perry Can Imitate A Black Woman, But A White Man Can’t?”. In addition to Tyler Perry, there is a profession drag queen comedian that imitates how views black women. But check the video for yourself. Is […]


Is Tyler Perry Firing His Entire Staff Over The Boondocks Episode? Via: The Urban Daily Did last Sunday’s episode of “The Boondocks” hit too close to home for Tyler Perry?

It’s official! We’ve seen Mary J. Blige, the Queen of Hip Hop/Soul, taking her place atop the charts for years. Her music has appealed to the masses with each new album and new film project she’s be a part of, but even after a few early successes on the big screen, Mary has decided she […]


Credit Card Thieves Charge $28K On Tyler Perry’s Account Via: The Urban Daily Tyler Perry revealed on his blog that his credit card number was stolen and the thieves racked up nearly $30,000 in charges!

Ok, so you know I couldn’t let the weekend come to a close without wishing a very “Happy Birthday” to my fabulous friend and one of the flyest ladies still reigning and ruling over the music game – the one and only Janet Jackson. Yes, today, May 16th is our favorite dancing, singing and acting […]

Just over a decade ago, actor Malik Yoba brought the house down as star Detective J.C. Williams, on the America police drama New York Undercover. Today, in an interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Yoba announced the revamp and return of the hit series which aired from 1994 to 1998 on the Fox television […]


Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson sit down and chalk it up with Oprah about the movie and the King Of Pop. Janet had to channel her energy during the shoot of this film due to Michael’s death. See clip below.   ***Don’t forget Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family will invade the Cintas Center April […]


Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott and the rest of the “Why Did I Get Married Too?” cast assembled in the Bahamas for the sequel’s couple retreat. Check out the teaser for the movie. Will you got see it?


I’m not playing, somebody better get Kelis! WTH? Why? What for? Who said? These are questions I need answers to immediately. Lol. OMG… I respect Kelis for always pushing the envelope and being unique. It’s just…she don’t quite keep…she keep missing the…yea.  Speechless. She rocked those pink plastic painted on pants, dumb-high inch Alexander McQueen stilettos, […]


Unquestionably Tyler Perry is an accomplished man. He already has had a huge  impact on the  film industry, with his distinct vision for moraly infused African-American content. You have to respect his hustle and direction. Tyler Perry released the trailer for the follow to the 2007 success of Why Did I Get Married? this week on Entertainment Tonight. Why Did […]