Guru’s Sister: “He Never Regained Consciousness” Via: The Urban Daily The details surrounding the last months of Keith “Guru” Elam of Gang Starr’s life have been dogged by rumors, in-fighting, and questionable statements.

Kat Stacks Says Young Money Paid $650 To Have Sex With Her Via: The Urban Daily Kat Stacks had an interview with HipHopDx and dished more dirt on the Young Money crew. She said that Jae Millz covered her $650 an hour fee for sexual favors but that she had sex with Lil Twist for […]

Singer Says That 50 Cent Is Gay Via: The Urban Daily Singer Rufus Wainright has done what many rappers have been afraid to do. Call 50 Cent Gay. Here’s what he said to Details magazine about 50’s sexual preference. I think he’s just the sexiest, and a brilliant writer. And I know he’s gay That […]

John Forte Breaks Down How George Bush Got Him Out Of Jail Via: The Urban Daily John Forte was on the Monique show and he explained how he began dealing drugs and wound up being incarcerated. He also talked about how George Bush pardoned him and saved him seven years in jail.

Canadian Rapper Says Drake Is A Snitch Via: The Urban Daily A snitch is a criminal who tells on another criminal for his own personal benefit. Drake is an upper class biracial child star actor turned rapper. So I guess Drake got robbed at gunpoint and testified against the guys who did it. This is […]