There is a lot of speculation about legalization of marijuana in Ohio.  This is not an old issue for Ohio.  The reason it is getting so much attention around the state is because a handful of rich people are looking to profit billions from it so they put millions behind propaganda to get this issue […]

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This is some complete clown Ish bruh. This lady wins idot of the year award in my book. I hope she has a good time in jail. source 

The marijuana law in Ohio has been rejected at least for now. The reason is because they did not meet the necessary requirements according to Ohio  Secretary of State Jon Husted  “Marijuana Legalization Amendment,” before voters in the November 2015 general election ballot. Petitioners were required to submit at least 305,591 valid signatures, a number […]

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Rick Ross has posted bail after being arrested on marijuana possession charges, and he celebrated with a new haircut. The Mastermind rapper was pulled over for having…

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Rapper Rick Ross was arrested for a marijuana charge in Fayette County, Ga. His Bentley was originally stopped because its window tints were too dark, but…


You’ve always wondered what a day in the life of Wiz Khalifa is like, right? Sure you did! Now’s your chance to see in his…

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After touching down in the Nati over the weekend, Lil Wayne has released his video ‘Hollyweezy’ off his ‘Sorry 4 The Wait 2‘ mixtape. What better time for Tunechi to drop his song than on “4-20” with a marijuana app, Weedmaps. The app helps people find marijuana dispensaries. We all know that people who participate […]

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Poor Nelly! His tour bus was pulled over this morning by a state trooper. The officer says he did not have a sticker that proved he had the required Dept. of Transportation. After the officer smelled pot and searched the tour bus, he  found Marijuana, Meth and multiple pistols on the bus. He was arrested and […]

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The huge question still is should marijuana be legalized or not. The crazy thing is it is already legal in some states. source 


This past Friday, cops from the Anchorage Police Department stormed pro-marijuana hangout the Alaska Cannabis Club, which is operated by former KTVA reporter Charlo Greene (born Charlene Egbo).…


The legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic lately, and President Barack Obama has decided to publicly share his thoughts concerning the issue. During…

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So Nancy Grace is a fan of 2Chainz after all. Nancy invited 2Chainz to return on her show! She tweeted him “I challenge you to a REMATCH! Everybody is still talking about his last visit and how the odd couple went head to head about legalizing marijuana. Video below.   Your Thoughts? “The Russ Parr […]