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Did you make your New Years Resolutions list??? You may want to look over it! Below is a list of the most common New Year’s resolutions that are almost destined to be dumped by early February. Are you guilty of setting vague and ineffective resolutions like these? Don’t worry: We’ll show you how to create goals that will motivate you to succeed long after the confetti has fallen.

Resolution #1:  I will completely cut out [insert unhealthy vice here]! After a holiday season of excessive indulgence, many people decide to quit smoking cold turkey, swear off alcohol altogether, or ban all sweets forever. How many times have you said, “If I never see another Christmas cookie/hot toddy/pumpkin pie, it will be too soon”?

Resolution Revamp:set a goal to add something healthy to your daily routine. So instead of saying I’m NOT drinking pop try to drink at least 8 cups of water in your day before grabbing the pop or if candy is the problem avoid “office candy” and add fruit to your lunch. Small steps go a long way! 

Resolution #2:  I will reach my goal weight by this summer! Losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution. But, if you go about setting your weight loss goals the wrong way, you’re likely to quit or—even worse—gain it all back and then some!

Resolution Revamp:Instead of setting a goal to shed pounds, set more specific goals that account for all of the other small, measurable achievements you’ll reach along the way. Skip the scale and find measures besides body weight and clothing size to track your progress.

Resolution #3:  I will join a [gym, health club, exercise class]! Beware those flashy first-of-the-year television ads and deep discounts! Many of those who purchase a gym membership in January bail on their workouts within the first six months.

Resolution Revamp:The first step to fitting more fitness into your life is picking a program that works for you. Start by writing down what you want from your workouts then go from there.

Resolution #4:  I will spend more quality time with my [friends, spouse, family]! Spending more quality time with loved ones is a popular resolution. But focusing too much on fitting in elaborate activities with friends, family and children can leave you stressed out and stretched too thin.

Resolution Revamp: Watch a game, walk in the park, read a book do nice calming things to spend time instead of parties and other big events. 

Resolution #5:  I will max out my savings account this year! No problem in wanting to change your financial habits after the holidays. Its HOW you do it!

Resolution Revamp:Choose a goal that’s important to everyone in your home and know how much you need to reach it.

Hopes this helps!!! Happy New Years!

For more go to Sparkpeople.com/resource/motivation


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