Top 10 WORST foods…Give it UP!

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    I have been on this weight lost/eating lifestyle change journey but.. why oh why do we crave creamy, crunchy, fried dishes that cause bulging waistlines, higher cholesterol and rising blood pressure? Because they taste good!  We MUST have the will-power to say NO! to these top 10 worst but GREAT tasting foods! 

    1. Potato Chips

    2. Non-Dairy Toppings

    3. Doughnuts

    4. Fettuccine Alfredo

    5. Sausages

    6. Fried Chicken

    7. Imitation Cheese in a Can

    8. French Fries

    9. Soft White Bread

    10. Fried Wontons

    Sooo how many of these do you eat daily, weekly, monthly??? For more information with how you can subsitute  log on to:


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