It took two weeks, but we’re finally getting a denial out of Usher. The Grammy-winner says he didn’t have sex with a woman claiming he exposed her to the herpes virus. Quantasia Sharpton claims he picked her out of the crowd at a concert, got her number and went over to her hotel room where they had sex. […]

An 18-year-old girl found herself behind bars Friday in Central California after Instagramming video of a car accident in which her sister was killed. Obdulia Sanchez was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving related to the killer crash, according to records at the Merced County Sheriff’s Office. Her bail has been set at $300,000. […]

Most doctors and health officials agree that doing cardio is good for you. But according to a new study, there’s a limit. Researchers found that you don’t get a lot of extra benefit when you do more than 60 minutes of cardio per day – and your health might even suffer. The scientists are urging […]

There are some universal characteristics that everyone finds attractive in the opposite sex. Things like confidence, a sense of humor, and good manners. But sometimes what we think the opposite sex finds attractive, they don’t find appealing at all! AskReddit asked both men and women what the opposite sex thinks is attractive that actually isn’t […]

Netflix is currently developing a technology that would give users control of key plot decisions in their original content. Some of the storylines will be simple and linear, kind of like those choose-your-own-adventure books you might have grown up with. Viewers will actually make choices as they watch. All the content will be there – […]

  The Fasho word is that May Bach Music Artist Wale is dating Serayah McNeill aka Tiana. According to ETONLINE  A source tells ET that the couple has been dating since June. Wale, 31, lives in Los Angeles but has another home in Chicago, where Empire films. The two have been working on maintaining a long-term […]

  This is one of the best inventions ever a truck that drives it’s self. Could this be the new wave of the future?  If these truck came to Cincinnati I think it would cut down on some the accidents here in the city. Check out the video it’s pretty cool.

  Spring is here and you need to get a bunch of stuff done around the homestead. But before you go spending money on all kinds of supplies, you need to do research. Most everything you want to buy or rent can probably be recreated, borrowed or manipulated in a much cheaper way. Why spend […]

  10. The Taco Liberty Bell, 1996. People love tacos and the Liberty Bell, but apparently not together. When the fast food chain announced via full-page newspaper ads that they’d purchased and renamed the national icon, a whole lot of protesting ensued. Taco Bell went public with their prank later in the day. 9. Playboy Romania’s wife […]

We’re human. People are going to do things that piss us off every single day of our lives. But there are some things that will grind our gears each and every time someone does them. Leaving door open when it wasn’t found that way Eating food so loudly it bothers everyone around you When people […]


Dime Time TV :: Rihanna’s “Who’s That Chick?” [NEW VIDEO] Rihanna makes sure she stays on the scene to where you would never have to inquire and question “Who’s That Chick”. She just released a new vid for “Who’s That Chic” and I have it for you to check out EXCLUSIVELY!


Wyclef Jean Insists He’s Eligible For Haitian Presidency Although Rapper and Activist Wyclef Jean did not make the presidential candidate list, he still says that he is eligible. Find out what he had to say.