Big Sean has been non stop with the visuals. Sean jumps out the window with his newest of videos. Sean don has created a video game for a video, symbolizing his fight to keep his girlfriend. Sean pushes he way through out the chess game chasing a man al for the sake of saving his […]

MadeinTYO links with Big Sean for the ‘Skaetboard P” remix video. MadeinTYO brings out the Pastelle Varsity jacket alongside Sean Don who brings out his vintage style flashing the jewels and futuristic cars through out the video. Sean and TYO put on a dope Skaters turnup with a bunch of girls,liquor and trill skaters running […]

Big Sean has already released his “I Decided” Album, a dope body of work with meaning. The Album has served as inspiration and motivation for many since the album has dropped. Now, Big Sean gives the official “Halfway Off The Balcony” video which also happens to be one of my favorites on this project. Watch […]


Big Sean’s latest album ‘I Decided’ has big expectations and it seems many people are pleased. Including Jay-Z. Hov himself gave Big Sean a gift that we don’t see too often anymore… a Roc-a-fella chain.   Real recognize real. I’m more than excited for this album, and the lyrical content Big Sean will provide.

If you haven’t already noticed, Big Sean has decided to step things up on all levels. Sean Don has droppped a isgnificant amount music leading up to the start of the new year and his fourth studio album “I Decided’ set to drop Ferburary 3rd 2017. Aside from Bouncing back from the negativity of 2016, […]