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Forget what you thought you knew about Melanie Fiona. This is one young lady who is daring to look and sound a little different than the rest. Blending R&B lyrics, soulful interpretation and a bit of that European glitz and glam, she’s created a sound of her own and isn’t afraid to belt the hits along the way.

We all just met her last year for the first time as her fly away single “It Kills Me” earned her a quick Grammy nod. If you haven’t purchased the album, seeing her live should definitely compel you to give it another try. I wasn’t a fan until I saw her live this past weekend and heard her rather than just seeing her everywhere. Normally, that’s what it takes with a newer artist of her generation. With so many cookie cutters out there, it does make it difficult to decide who to give the attention to these days.

I think many are satisfied and pleased at Melanie Fiona’s flashbacks to the soul of artists like Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan. Speaking of Chaka Khan, did anyone catch Melanie Fiona’s version of “Sweet Thing?” She actually did well on that one Friday night. Maybe we ought to expect more out of this young lady as the years come. What did you think?

Check out this gallery of Melanie doing her thing her way on the Macy’s Music Festival stage this past Friday night.

Let us know what you thought of Melanie Fiona’s performance. Did she perform your favorite single? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.


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