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The Billboard magazine headline about Chris Brown sounds scary — “Downward Spiral: His Struggles With Addiction and Anger.”

His closest friends reveal just how bad it’s gotten with Breezy. One admitted (quote) “He’s dancing with death.”

His security team watches him around-the-clock “to check Brown’s pulse” and make sure he’s still breathing. If he won’t clean up, Chris Brown is about to join the “27 Club” with all the other celebs who died at that young age.

According to Billboard, Chris Brown has taken himself off his bipolar pills. Instead, he’s self-medicating with weed, codeine, plus cocaine binges and ecstasy (Molly). His relapse occurred two years ago in the wake of Karrueche Tran leaving. His drug abuse has taken him to the point of threatening to kill her. She’s been granted a restraining order.

There’s every indication his friends repeatedly tried to get Chris into rehab, but he won’t listen. So the Billboard story is an attempt to shame him. A public intervention of sorts.

Fasho Thoughts:

  • His birthday is May 5. Two more months to go and he’ll slip past the 27 Club.
  • The Party Tour kicks off at the end of the month and runs through Memorial Day. That’s a true test of his addictions and ability to show up.
  • His inner-circle, according to Billboard, is now comprised of gang members of the Bloods.
  • Sadly, he’s simply an “Instagram Dad.” Chris’s mother is really raising his daughter, Royalty.
  • Drugs can destroy creativity and a person’s character.
  • Redemption is possible. You gotta want it, though.
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