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Kim recently relieved herself onto a pregnancy test to see if she was pregnant and we have the results!

Well, we won’t be seeing a new baby Kardashian soon.  Well at least from Kim K as it appeared that she is in fact not pregnant according the results.

via TMZ

Kim Kardashian doesn’t usually endorse things for free so Clearblue scored a HUGE free promotion when Kim endorsed their pregnancy test on social media.

Reps for the brand tell us Kim’s no brand ambassador and wasn’t paid a single penny to rep their digital pregnancy test when she shared her baby #3 scare with the world. Kim’s usual starting rate for repping a brand is reportedly a cool $1 million, so that should put things in perspective.

Kim bought 2 other brands, but Clearblue’s digital test was the lucky one to make the final cut in her Snapchat … and apparently it was on the house.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2016/05/20/kim-kardashian-clearblue-pregnancy-test/#ixzz49EVsMsrz

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