Kim Kardashian has had enough! For those reporting that her robbery incident was a joke will be eating their words as she plans to sue!

Little big sis Khloe Kardashian speaks out about sister’s Kim Kardashian’s heist and clears the air about the baby shower drama with Blac Chyna.

Good decision made by Kim Kardashian West as she decides to lay low when it comes to posting on social media.  As you heard, Kim K was robbed at gun point and robbed of millions.

Did J. Cole really pop off on Kim Kardashian on Twitter claiming her robbery incident was a publicity stunt?

Kim proves that she’s more than a MILF with money but a mogul as she graces the cover of Forbes Magazine.

Normally when it comes to lawsuits, people especially celebrities want to stay away from that but not Kanye West!  As you know he debuted his visual to his song “Famous” featuring Rihanna and Swizz Beats but featured look alikes of other celebrities to stir up controversy.

Thousands of people crowed the streets of New York for Kanye West’s Secret Pop Up Show that wasn’t so secret.  It since has been cancelled but the Wests plan to reschedule and make it up to the fans.

Kim recently relieved herself onto a pregnancy test to see if she was pregnant and we have the results!

  Lil Kim posts selfies on Instagram and is almost unrecognizable.  Almost had to look twice.  Maybe it’s the new h airstyle or lighting? You be the judge.

As we’re remembering Prince, we HAVE to remember the time when Prince brought Kim Kardashian on stage and kicked her off because she couldn’t dance?

  Does posting countless selfies and half naked photos mean that you’re confident? Or lacking self-esteem?  Wendy Williams speaks on women, Kim Kardashian in particular posting naked pics and still not winning when it comes to likes and followers on social media.

Looks like Amber Rose got major love for Kim Kardashian as she slams down Pink’s slander on women that chooses use their body for attention instead of their talent or hard work. Shade towards Kim Kardashian or Nah?