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Its heating up out here! Can’t stick to your diet???? Check out these 10 Wacky Crazy Weight Lost tips that really WORK!

Tip # 1: Try the Toothpaste Diet- When your meal is over run and brush your teeth the mint flavor will calm your belly down

Tip #2: Get Grossed Out-ball up your dirty napkin and throw it on your food. Or if you like me that hate to waste food, box up half your food before you even eat it!

Tip #3: Purge to Avoid the Binge- clear your cupboards, fridge, freezer and pantry of foods too tempting to ignore

Tip # 4: Eat Cake- just make healthier with low-cal substitutes

Tip #5: Squeeze into Skinny Jeans when eating

Tip #6: Tell a Joke for Better Abs- laughing squeezes your muscles 

Tip #7: Fidget Yourself Thin- you just can’t sit still, keep moving its a good thing!

Tip #8: Buy New Dishware- when you buy downsize your plate, downsize your waist

Tip #9: The Couch Potato Workout-commercial break get moving, push ups, sit ups, ect…

Tip #10: Drink Cheap

For more tips and details on each one, log on to: http://www.lifescript.com/food/healthy_eating_guides/weight_loss/articles/10_wacky_weight_loss_tips_that_really_work.aspx?utm_source=newsalert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2013-05-16a

Good Luck and lets get Summer READY!


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